MA in Fashion Design

Year 1

FASH206 Fashion Design Studies 4 Hours
FASH201 Textile and Material Studies 4 Hours
FASH279 History and Meaning of Fashion 4 Hours
FASH210 Digital Publishing 4 Hours
FASH204 Fashion Design Strategies 4 Hours
FASH201 Manufacturing, Production and Specifications 4 Hours

Year 2

FASH351 Marketing Fundamentals 4 Hours
FASH305 Introductions to Public Relations 4 Hours
FASH312 Textile Design 4 Hours
FASH300 Fashion Design Studies II 4 Hours
FASH305 The Business of Fashion: The International Setting 4 Hours
FASH320 Object Design 4 Hours
FASH382 Media Photography 4 Hours

Year 3

FASH499 Design Project 4 Hours
FASH409 Fashion Graphics 4 Hours
FASH402 Printmaking 1 4 Hours
FASH404 Printmaking 2 Screen Printing 4 Hours
FASH411 Introduction to Accounting 4 Hours
FASH408 Portfolio Development 4 Hours
FASH407 Fashion Project 4 Hours

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